What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

This was my first experience with SERVPRO. I called them after my restaurant experienced a grease fire. I was more than impressed. They reminded me of ants in that they were scurrying everywhere and cleaning like mad. They cleaned better than my grandma. They were awesome! They were not slackers or lazy. I highly recommend them!

My couches looked great after you guys cleaned them. I want to thank you for your good service. I appreciate you working with me. I know I'm more particular than most people and I appreciate your patience. Thank you!

We had smoke damage in our home due to our fireplace.  There was a lot of soot throughout the main floor and a lot of heavy smoke odor on our furniture and clothes.  We called SERVPRO and they responded within hours to assess the damage that was done.  They were so nice and very professional.  They took care of us and our furniture and clothes so you could no longer smell the smoke.  They did a great job and would highly recommend!

I had a small kitchen fire with a lot of smoke and soot.  My insurance agent suggested I call SERVPRO to help clean up.  They came within a few hours and started the cleaning process.  They packed my contents in boxes and took them back to their shop to clean.  A crew came in and cleaned the rest of my kitchen, cleaner than I have ever cleaned it!  When I got my stuff back from them, they were so clean and looked brand new.  I would recommend them in an instant!

The crew that cleaned my home did a great job. They took great pride in their work and tried very hard to restore it back to normal. 

Our fireplace malfunctioned creating damage on the outside of our home. SERVPRO responded quickly to our fire disaster. They repaired and cleaned the outside of the house as it was prior to the fire. Part of the repairs involved siding, soffit, and gutter work. We were pleased with all of their work and thankful for their expertise throughout the process.