What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I am very pleased with the work that was done to remove the mold. You all have made this hard and difficult time, since my mother passed away and cleaning up the house where she lived, more bearable to deal with. Thank you to everyone that has assisted us in this matter.

We had some discoloration on some walls we were redoing in the basement of a house we had just purchased.  Our insurance agent suggested we call SERVPRO to do a mold inspection or air sample testing if needed. They came over and did an inspection, recommended what needed to be done and gave us an estimate.  They said it was from a prior water loss that had not been dried out correctly.  We had them go ahead and fix the damage.  We were extremely happy with how quick they were able to get to us and very satisfied with the job that was performed.   

After we had pipes burst from being frozen, we dried the area ourselves and thought we had done a good job.  About two weeks later we noticed mold starting to grow on the drywall.  We called SERVPRO who came out and found there was still moisture in the drywall.  They cut out the affected areas and the mold that was growing on the back side was amazing.  We couldn't believe how fast it grew from moisture we didn't know was there.  They took care of the mold growth, finished drying the areas and we are now as good as new.  Next time we have any issues with water, they are going to be our first call!

I received a call on a cold Friday night that my home in Iowa had a water issue and that black mold was in abundance. I live in Connecticut and had no idea what I was going to do as I had not seen the extent of the damage. My brother mentioned SERVPRO as a company that might be able to assist.

Early the next morning I called SERVPRO of Burlington and spoke with Todd Earnest, who said just let him know where and when and he would meet me there.

Travel plans were changed at the last minute and I had to adjust my arrival time and called Todd/SERVPRO who didn't flinch at the change in plans and said whatever you need.

Well, I met Todd on Sunday morning and walked into my house that was a mess. Water logged carpets, floors, furniture, and mold over everything. I was shocked. Todd said it's bad but could have been worse and that he would take care of this and for me not to fret.

I could go on and on, but to make a long story somewhat shorter, Todd said he and his crew could and would take care of everything and that I should not worry.

SERVPRO brought in all kinds of equipment to dry the moisture, eliminate the mold and spores and would begin recovery ASAP. All in all, I was and am 120 percent happy for the service, support and finished product by SERVPRO.

Never once was I concerned about SERVPRO and the team to do the right thing for me. Truly amazing and committed crew to make sure I was happy. I met them all and was very impressed with their professionalism as well as their overall personalities. I was even invited to watch my Green Bay Packers at on of the crews house if I could not get it on my tv. I was able to watch it at home.

I would and will continue to support and recommend SERVPRO of Burlington to anyone and everyone!

Thank you to your employees for their hard work in cleaning my basement. I was very impressed!